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Writings from DankSpace.com by Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Fumes for Thought

Are All Drugs Actually Just Placebos? – Perhaps all medicine is just a ritual to prepare the mind for perceptual shifts.

A Subjective Case for Medical Marijuana: Treat the Patient Not the Disease – A subjective case for medical marijuana lies in the most basic truth that our experiences of our reality are our reality, which makes euphoria a powerful treatment.


High Humor

Breast Milk & Other Seemingly Harmless Gateway Drugs – If getting a buzz leads to addiction, there is no way possible to escape childhood without becoming a hopeless junkie.

Authorities Issue Warning About Marijuana Candied Yams This Thanksgiving – Law enforcement experts have issued a warning to Thanksgiving revelers about the potential danger of pot laced sweet potatoes, and how to spot them.

Danksgiving: The True Story of America’s First Holiday – The traditional story of Thanksgiving tells of a feast shared with new friends and neighbors, but what if the real story is even more awesome?



Tips for First Time Marijuana Users – Here is some excellent advice on how to stay safe and have fun for people thinking of trying marijuana for the first time.


Cheba Culture

Fuzzed Out & Flying High: A Beginners Guide to Stoner Rock – Time to fire it up and crank your speakers to ten as we take a journey through the history of stoner rock.


Dank Reviews

Katy, the Legal Ecstasy Alternative: Review and Tips to Boost Your Buzz – The all-natural nootropic compound Katy, from Limitless Life, is a safe and legal alternative to Ecstasy or Molly that packs a surprising punch.


News Nugs

Chill Out Ya’All, Sessions Shenanigans May Be A Blessing In Disguise – Dank-loving doomsayers lament the recent news that Jeff Sessions has ended Obama-era policies that kept federal agencies from interfering with states that legalized marijuana, but it might be for the best for the rest of us.

Mother Loses Custody for Successfully Treating Daughters Pharmaceutical Withdrawals With Cannabis – An Idaho woman has had her children removed from her custody after using cannabis to treat her daughter for life-threatening symptoms she suffered after being taken off prescribed psychotropic medications.