Unicorn World

Writings from UnicornWorld.org by Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Adaptive Alchemy

formerly known as Anarcho-Futurism

Beyond Anarchism: An Introduction to Adaptive Alchemy – Here are the reasons I am putting down the black flag and replacing it with nothing, and why you should too.

Anarcho-Futurism and Why Star Trek Is Not A Socialist Utopia – To boldly go beyond the labels of pundits.

Anarchism, Rights, Property and Technology – Is anarchism a possibility? Is it always possible everywhere at anytime, or is it conditional?

Post-Scarcity Technology Is Self-Sufficiency Is Liberation of the Individual – When each and every individual can produce everything they ever need, then we can truly know independence, and that day IS coming.

Rights vs. Risk: Where Do Freedom and Liberty Really Come From? – Rights are just an abstraction built on the same premises of authoritarianism.

Virtue Signalling vs Value Signalling & Memetic Alchemy – Virtue signals are destructive memes that lead to ignorance, fear and confusion; for which value signalling might be the cure.

E-Prime Translator: A Cipher for Empathy and Sanity – Removing absolutes from communication reveals more truth than literal interpretations, and E-Prime and E-Prime Translator can help you do just that.

Statism, Statists & Anarchism of the Spectacle

Confined To Stoicism: The White Man’s Burden & How It Affects Us All – White dudes are scared and hurting and it has made them lash out in shitty ways, but healing, and not derision, is the solution.

I Don’t Like Guns But I Don’t Like Gun Control Either – Unraveling the bigger picture behind one of the most divisive issues in the modern world – guns and gun control.

On Abortion: Why I Am Straight Up Okay With Fetal Homocide – As a contrarian conservationist, radical anti-traditionalist and fundamentalist neo-rationalist I believe life begins at conception and gestation is probably the best time to kill people.

The Rise of the Social Liberty Warrior – This is the story of how the liberty movement jumped the shark by becoming more opposed to liberal statists than the state itself.

Why Isn’t Every Employee of the State Tested for Psychopathy? – It is a well known fact that politics are ripe with psychopaths of all stripes, so we do we continue to allow it?

Mysterious Universe: The Mystery Behind the Website’s Political Agenda – Mysterious Universe is a website the specializes in anomalistic phenomena where anything and everything are game – except challenging authority.

Who You Really Should Be Thanking For Your Freedom On Independence Day – Thank the activists, thinkers and writers through whom true human progress is made.

World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: Clinton Versus Trump – Let’s be honest, this would be far more realistic than our current system of debates and elections.